Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I have been tagged....!

Shikha tagged me.....

Seven things that I plan to do

1.Learn kalaripayatt

2. Be a professional shooter

3. Globe trotting

4. Own a farmhouse,ofcourse with a big farm

5. Start my own newspaper

6. Act in a movie

7. Makes lots and lots of money…

Seven things I can do

1. I can shoot Bulls eye

2. Cook

3. Fight

4. Daydream

5. Work hard and harder

6. Play the violin

7. Sing without botherations

Seven things I can't do

1. remember faces

2. Enjoy wrestling

3. Maths

4. make fun of people

5. Procrastinate sleep

6. being passive

7. live without reading the newspaper

Seven things I say most often

1. Hamme !!!

2. Che…

3. Dei..!!

4. Di..

5. Thanne!!

6. mmh..

7. Entammoo…!!!!.

Seven people I want to tag

1. Khizzy

2. Nicole

3. Sunrise

4. Mriganayani

5. Jammy

6. Rajesh

7. Chintz


creedjames said...

this is cool mah frend ha!.... ill do this one too at mah blog...ciao

Khizzy said...

hmmm...the things u say most often...ur either gujrati, or rajistani/marwari...i think.
will respond soon to the tag!

kannan udayarajan said...


Thanks for those liberal words..
Will visit your site to see the 'tagged'...

Im not gujarati,rajasthani or marwari... guess ..! lemme see how you fare..

Shikha said...

An actor who is also a professional shooter and has his own newspaper..all the best:)

Pallavi said...

6. Play the violin

Beautiful!!! I am jealous!

kannan udayarajan said...

Shikha, are you making fun of me? LOL
u only tagged me..:))

pallavi, thanks for the jelousy..!!

Mriganayanii said...

hallo there,
thanks for dropping by, i would have never seen your reply if you hadn't.
i haven't been able to afford the time or the pleasure to visit blogs such as this one as often as i'd like to due to my (ahem), 'life's calling' that has transformed me into a piece of the furniture/apparatus in a dark dingy scary laboratory which does scary things to mice.
ermm, No no, i'm joking. it's just that the bloody term end things are on. exams i mean.
I've just managed to tear my eyes away from your piece on KRN, but i'll be back for that and whatever else you have to offer.You'll hear from me very soon.

And umm.. Kanan? It's Mriganayanii. 2 i's.

sunrise said...

Interesting post man. so many wishes and so many dreams! All the seven's at one place...! way to go.

Jammy said...

Sorry Kannan. I'm not tagging along as I'm not much interested in tag. My previous attempts at them haven't come out to my liking. Anyways thanks for tagging.

You wanna be a professional shooter and start your own newspaper? Very different fields I believe.

kannan udayarajan said...

Mriganayanii : Thanks..!You are always welcome...and its Kannan not kanan..2 ns..

Sunrise : Thanks a lot...Hope to see your tag lines soon...!

Jammy : its okay boss..

Sushmit said...

Entammoo....hmmm...so you cant procrastinate sleep?!

kannan udayarajan said...

Ya man...but who can???