Friday, December 09, 2005

Not alone...

Post haah…I found that im not alone in the world of laziness..
Mriga..arzoo..and lot others commented and also personally confessed their lazy selves to me…Astounded ,I decided to do a google on this and found out this….

Which sayz

‘This is a ring for the lazy, the idle, the slothful, those who waste time, those who procrastinate, those who slack off, those who would rather be napping, those who take the elevator, and those who prefer their meals to be "instant". Instead of criticizing these lazy traits, this ring celebrates them in all their slothful glory.’

Its pretty well organized considering the fact that they got a complete members list and detailed application form for becoming the ‘sloth of the month”

I also found a couple of firms with ‘Lazy “ prefixed to their names and a lot of book and musik stores….Must have got inspired from the Albert Einestein quote saying “
Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking"

And then I hit upon
this guy’s publicity for his book which he says will

‘teach you how to use your laziness constructively to find smart solutions as opposed to working long and hard.’

Fred Gratzon not only conceived and wrote down the above stuff but is also an avid practioner of the “ Lazy way to Success”.the site also sports some press endorsements and testimonials.Must have worked real hard for this..

While surfin I also found:

1.lazy blogs histories of lazy people
3.lists of famous lazy people(hope to get in it some day..)
4.scientific articles exploring laziness..

and whole host of other ‘lazy ‘ stuff…

and not to forget the lazy quotes page where I found

Progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things"

Say whatever…mankind is really the most evolved thing in the universe…


Shikha said...

Atleast your laziness didnt stop you from doing all that research..And all the best for being crowned 'sloth of the month'!

kannan udayarajan said...

hey im not in the too lazy to be part of the contest...:)

Mriganayanii said...

Listen up slothking ;)
i have a question for you. and a suggestion.
question first. Umm.. is it impossible for you to get my name right? it's mriganayanii. now i can understand if you think that it isn't exactly the shortest name you've heard -i get that alot from ppl. However, if you do intend to use a shorter version, would you kindly snip it in the right places? Mriga??? naayani?? makes me feel like one of those asuras that Ram killed in the Amar chitra katha version of Ramayana.
Suggestion - Nayan is what i usually end up being called. Or you could just go with MN.

Mriganayanii said...

and what dyou mean i have been linked? how is it different from being tagged?

Aradhita said...

qite a lot of research for lazyness :))

kannan udayarajan said...

Mriga...oh no not again..haha..just having some fun...ok sorry..ill get it right next time...!

and u r linked is not u r tagged...look at the right sidebar of my blog...a link to ur blog is given there...saw?

aradhita :)