Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Samadhan Dattatreya Naiyik Nagre, Bahuth Lamaba naam he…” the boy quipped..

I was on my way to office and Samadhan was my pillion rider.He has asked me for a lift to the nearby junction.

We talked a lot.

I quizzed him on his school,studies and many other things lest the journey be boring….
The boy was short for his age..he said he was studying in tenth standarad.His school was near my office and and lived three kilometers away.The boy was affectionate,like a respectfull younger brother full of energy.

Achaa.. Samadhan,what does your father do?’

‘Don’t know,he left us and married another woman’

The reply was taut,like a candidate giving an answer for an interview.It showed absolutely no emotions.

I was taken aback.
Was the kid too ignorant to realize what had happened to his family or was he used to the question; I could n’t figure.

The journey almost fell into a silence when suddenly he asked me.”what do you do?”

‘Im an Engineer,’

'Are you a computer engineer?'

'Yes im one..'

'I too want to be one…I know it is hard.
My mother works in fields and sometimes she goes as maid servant.
She is ill but still she works,I want to end that, I will study hard and be an engineer,if possible ill be a computer engineer..'

Samadhan said as he got down from his bike…

I saw his face..there was determination and hope ,ruggedness and passion…
Images of my own not so modest childhood flashed in my mind, though my family had its share of liabilities ,my parents always strived hard to get us good education and most of all…… I had a family,a family which cared for me..and loved me..which I always took for granted.

I was ashamed.I was always like all middle class boys were..nothing was enough for me..as there were people with more always around ….but I never felt lucky to have had all that I had had in my life…

Samadhan was looking at me

I hid my face behind my helmet and shook hands with Samadhan and wished him all the best..

"You are the first computer engineer who is giving me a shake hand .One day ill be like you. ...."

he said, holding my hand with all the grace he could..

The boy left excited .
I rode on…ashamed..


Einsteinophile said...

You shud ve advised the kid not to come into this industry :( (Poor Software Engineers).

Hey nice posts!! :)

My Ramblings... said...

"Count your Blessings" guess we tend to forget that most of the time. :)

kannan udayarajan said...

einsteinophile there was so much hope in his face..how can one thrash that?
MR good to see you back...i agree with you..sometimes i feel that we just don't forget to count our blessings..i feel we just don't know how to do it..

Shikha said...

You are the first computer engineer who is giving me a shake hand..sad

Khushi said...


Ash said...

hey Kannan ........happy new year fellow ....
that boy has determination and lots of it .....wish he comes up in life and become a computer engineer

Hey happy new year Kannan


kannan udayarajan said...

shikha it was humbling..and sad
khushi true..

ash happy ne wyear to you too...me too hopin for the same..

alive_n_confused said...

it's good to know the boy has the right dream and determination, despite his hardships.

Sphinx said...

beautifully touching post. I hope he gets what he wants :-)

still_figuring_out said...

huhm..you know, i read this post previously and commented on it! anyway, this is a sad and touching story.

hey, happy new year!

sunrise said...

happy new year kannan and a very touching post!

kannan udayarajan said...

AnC this is what really touched me too..tough times make tough people

Sphinx thanx for the comment...me too hoping for the same.

SfO... thanx for the wishes and same to you...

Sunrise... same to you and thank for the ocmment..!