Saturday, December 16, 2006


REVIEW :A GOOD YEAR (2006) Director: Ridley Scott
Cast: Russell Crowe, Tom Hollander, Marion Cotillard

A Good Year is a good movie..:)
Apart from the histrionics of Russel Crowe, Tom Hollander and Marion Cotillard, the movie also boasts of engaging dialogues, wonderful screenplay and picturization.

The Story by Peter Mayle, is nothing exceptional.It asks us to take a break from our busy lives and look beyond everything to what life actually this case what the author thinks..more precisely a relaxed life in a French Vineyard..maybe possible for the lucky few who have the double luck of being able to afford to chuck out a high profile job as an investment banker and at the same time inherit a chateau in France.

But the movie by Ridley Scott makes it feel better.The humourous dialogues ,the frames dipped in gold and ofcourse Rusell Crowe as Max..

Well nothing exceptional... yet not that bad..

A Good Year is a good movie...:)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Im getting bored..its time I went on another trip to some place weird..the rains have
also subsided a little...the calm before the storm.I thought Ill take rest this weekend..
and stay put at home ,wash all the pending clothes,clean up and relax with a book...

I did everything and felt happy..but feel as though the weekend is treks..
I think i too got bit by the outdoor bug...thouh shi would disagree every bit...well I would explain it as " for every ten times the bug bit shi,it bit me once..." :)

Travelling is really therapeutic ; with the new air and light,it brings new life to all those who experiences it too..

Apart from the treks ,the last I went out was with my project team for a trip..which was ,well a routine thing..
and i missed the Raigad trek due to to make up for it sometime in September...
the next thing on cards was white water rafting in Kundalika...with heavy rains around,that too seems a
distant possibility...

staying indoors is taking its toll,and most unexpected thing that could have ever happened has happened,I got bored with Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy ...and I seem to have got fed up with the rains,even before it has properly poured.

I am waiting for september,when everything hopefully will clear up ..

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I hate the rains...I hate it...
ruined my shoes....
every year the same thing happens...
I get better shoes and the rain gets worse....aargh.!

And now its time for a new one..:)
Finally..! Did away with all the collateral guilt of getting a new pair of shoes..:)

Monday, June 05, 2006


It has started raining in Pune and our weekend jaunts were seeming to get infrequent.

So as soon as we saw the Sun yesterday,we decided to hit the road.

Our Primary aim was to hang out a little ,scout some bookshops and have an evening walk along
the Fergusson College road..lazing around.And then we decided ;that we will visit Pataleshwar,
the 1300 year old caves temple right off JM Road.

It was something which we both had in our minds for some time but some how did not materialize so long.. We had seen piks of the Baner caves and Pataleshwar together,almost an year back; and we did the Baner hill expedition then itself..But Pataleshwar was waiting for the right time ..I guess, because we have made countless visits to Deccan,but skipped it everytime.
Everytime the bus passes over,and we time .. One place which we have now almost missed out due to this procrastination is Chattushringi..and so this timewe made a strong decision make it.

It was not exactly sunny,there was a slight drizzle..the air was cool and the light breeze made Pune more charming..Soon we reached our destination and walked in with anticipation..but was taken aback to see a quite normal temple;which we soon learned was the famous Jangli Maharaj temple after whom JM Road got its name..

We asked a gentleman where Pataleshwar was ...

"Turn left,take the steps..." and we were there..

History stood there as though engulfed in a time warp.
It was magnificient..a huge structure carved out of a single rock..the Mandapa,Nandi...the pillars..stupendous !

For a holiday,it was not crowded,except for a few couples who found the rocky temple romantic enough..and some devotees .

We went inside the was so beautiful and different..
Cool and quiet...right in the middle of the city..

We sat there for sometime..the light breeze romancing with us..the rays of sun which managed to cheat the huge pillars fell on us..
As it must have fell upon many a visitor through the centuries

The seasons over the centuries have done little have the battles of Maharashtra..
It stands alone..strong and real..
how many men might have found shelter in it..
how many Kings,Queens and warriors have stood praying before it...
how many lovers exchanged vows in its airy corridors..
the many wars it witnessed,the thunders and lightnings of time..still it stands strong

Sometimes the visible amazes us more than the true.

Sunday, May 28, 2006



STARRING: Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Marie-Josee Croze, Geoffrey Rush, Mathieu Kassovitz
DIRECTION: Steven Spielberg

I hate propaganda.. and especially mediums which do it...
Partly because it is always crude and partly because it always is one sided ,blatant and unjustified.
But then it can be beautifully crafted too..Crafted to make you cry for someone whom you hate,fight for a cause which may or maynot bear any significance in your life.

Munich is a beautifully crafted movie.But Propanganda? I dont know.

It portrays history of the Black september and afterwards through the life of Avner Kauffman, a Mossad officer deputed to eliminate the masterminds behind the abduction and murder of 11 Israeli atheletes in the Munich Olymbics in 1972.

The movie starts with the abduction of the Israeli athletes followed by their deaths and the deaths of the people who abducted them.

But the story of the movie is about really what happened afterwards.And it kicks off with Avner Kauffman,brilliantly brought into life by Eric Bana ;being deputed to lead the under cover counter mission by Golda Meir the Israeli Prime Minister. Avner's team members are played by Daniel Craig (guns), Mathieu Kassovitz (bombs), Hanns Zischler (forger) and Ciaran Hinds (cleanup).

The script is taut and leaves no chance for the viewers or the characters to relax.And it keeps on getting more and more tense untill the viewer empathizes completely with Avner and his team and starts hating the Palestinians.And that becomes easy since not much light is shed on thelife ,motives efforts and sufferings of the Palestinains. At this moment we will feel that Speilberg has brilliantly done his part for Israel and his religion,the ignorant audience will be manipulated.But to say that Speilberg was rude wont be true.Enough suffering has been there on both sides.

It is here where the real leit motif of the movie comes into play.That revenge does not end anything.Elimination of one evil causes the birth of an even worse one.Avner becomes a man who is confused in front of the questions he himself raised.The significance of human life and love is debated in his mind.What is important? Killing the people who caused shame to his nation or killing his own conscience.Both are the same ,he realizes eventually.

It is a question which will never be answered.A wound which will never be healed unless we all learn to forgive.

The movie is Speilbergs message to the world. Maybe one which the world badly needs.Forgive.

Monday, May 08, 2006

I miss..

We all miss a lot of things in life...pleasant moments of life..which may seem silly,stupid or illogical to others..

But in the treasurehouse of our memories,they linger on, events which eventually shaped us..thoughts which motivated us..and the life we lived and the life we relive through our memories...

thanks Anoop for tagging me...

I miss...

the days when as a kid i used to gaze upto the sky endlessly to never loose track of the stray aeroplane which flew over...wondering when ill fly.

the days when i chased butterflies in my backyard....yellow,white and a myriad of colours ...they were so beautiful

the evenings when i waited anxiously for my father to return from he waits for me..

all the quarelling with my ammamma

the days when amma's fish curry was just enough for the family...

cuddling up with my sisters in the bed..listening to chinthu chechi's stories

the teachers who told me stories..who just loved us like their own kids

the lab i set up in the car shed..where everything from the search light to the atom bomb was reinvented

eating mangoes dipped in salt and red chilly powder along with Doney in my terrace..

the smokes i shared with Paul and vijeesh

getting drunk and singing with friends in college

the endless speeches i made in my college as an union leader

the fights ,strikes and suspensions ...

writing supplimentaries...


a lot...these pages wont treasurehouse is big..


Sunday, April 23, 2006


I have been off from the blog world for almost a month now....and the reason.?
Something really big happened in my Life....I got engaged... to this paticular girl...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Broke Back Mountain


Genre: OffBeat/Reality
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal , Heath Ledger ,Michelle Williams , Randy Quaid
Director: Ang Lee

When do you call a movie entertaining or engrossing? Is it when it captures your imagination completely and makes you wonder why you never thought so? Is when it holds up a mirror and seems to say,”Hey here is your life..”..?Or is it when it shocks you…? Well there can be thousand answers…and still some will make you hold your breath, even when explanations are difficult to find.

I saw Ang Lee’s Broke Back Mountain this weekend. The film is based on the short story by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Proulx And it has been cinematized by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana.Ang Lee has made a classic out the book, with stunning visuals of Wyoming and Texas.

Its says the story of two young men (played to perfection by Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger) who set out as contract shepherds in the BrokeBack mountain at Signal, Wyoming in 1963.The story takes lead with the reluctant friendship of the men being replaced with an intense relationship with moments of intimacy and camaraderie. The story progresses with the two men coming down the next summer and getting separated only to meet after four long years, rediscover their love for each other and the forging of a life long relationship.

Skeptics may feel that it’s a Gay thing, but the movie speaks more than that, about love, friendship and camaraderie. About how these feelings often wins over time and perhaps always over death. About how the men still love their families but yet find fulfillment in each other.

Ang Lee has gifted us with one more treasure to relish. The visuals, the music, and the cast; everything has been chosen and played out with the utmost details. The story spans over 20 years and the changes in the world has been presented so perfectly that you never feel that anything is out of place.

The Movie is silent for most of the time…the characters speak just enough and at times the wind spoke more. The visuals seem pregnant with thoughts. But through the eyes of the protagonists, it was love, which spoke the most.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


“ If I don’t get this done in 2 hours, you will face dire consequences”

He was screaming to RK, sitting near me.

“There is no need to get angry, I have been working hard, sitting night outs and never taking leaves. Its been 7 months since I last went to see my parents. I have done all that you have asked me to, and still you shout at me…”

RK sounded as though he was about to cry.

Just what is happening to the corporate world?
Ever since I ve started working, I ve seen people handling responsible positions behaving with no dignity and self-respect. Shouting, insulting and always taking credit for the work once it gets done. I work in the Software industry, where people get one of the best salaries in the country and work in the best environs- Air-conditioned offices, services on demand and many, many perks depending upon your post and the bargaining you did while coming in.

Still I see that most of the faces around me are disgruntled, something missing from their faces; maybe it was the cheer they had on their faces as kids. There are the few exceptional cases too, but even freshers who walked in with energy and excitement a few months back seem to have slipped into some kind of sorrow,the reason for which no one knows.
Stupid ego clashes and silly statements makes it even more stupid.And the subject in tea time conversations always revolve around the offers some one else got or another guy’s onsite opportunity and the politics behind.

Is it the long ,in disciplined working hours or the obscene salaries that’s taking away their dignity?To treat their subordinate as slaves and behave like stupid zamindars from an old era?Hey after all this is not rocket science… we all work because our ultimate boss at the top can make money and pay us ,to make a proper living .Of course the ambitious can strive more,but should they tramble over those below them?

I am reminded of a forward that I got …

"Those who sit on top can see only smiling faces when look down..
And those who sit at the bottom will see only assholes when they look up…"

Monday, February 27, 2006


This happened a few months before. I was traveling along with my friends in a city bus. Our destination was E Square where the Pune International Film Festival was going on. We had booked through the Net and still had some registration formalities left. The shows started at 9:00 in the morning and we did not want to miss anything. We had started sufficiently early and were lucky enough to get a bus that started from our Point, with lots of seats. The journey was like any other Indian bus journey. The bus rattled on making noises as though it was coughing. Maybe it was complaining, for having being put to ride in that cold winter morning.

Soon the bus got crowded. The seats we were sitting on got fortified by commuters. And guarded by alert eyes whose owners were impatiently waiting for us to get down. The journey continued. Many boarded and many got down. One of the replacements that came for a disembarked block of my seat’s fortification was an old man. However he differed a lot.He was frail and possessed a quite dignity in his face.His eyes did not pry for our seats.He had a file in his hands and was wearing an old pair of pants and a sweater over his shirt.He wore spectacles that gave a glow to his eyes,eyes that had seen a lifetime Where is he going? What does the file contain?Is he fighting some old case? A million questions flew through my mind. . He stood there. Anchoring himself to the seat bars and swaying with every sway of the bus.

I got up and offered him my seat. But he surprised me and perhaps all those around us by declining the offer.

Young man, you sit, you have a long way to go in life

Was he making fun of me?

We have to learn to face difficult situations, we should not take the youth for granted, being old doesn’t mean that you should always invite sympathy and help. I am old, but I am strong too, I have enough strength in me to me to hold myself up and perhaps more.” He spoke in perfect English.

I sat on my seat. Uncomfortable though.
Later when another passenger got down the old man took his seat. He still had the same dignity and peace in his eyes.
My stop came and I had to get down, I looked at him, hoping that he ill return it. But he was looking far outside…

We see all kinds of people in life.
We are a country that refuses to stand on queues, that’s rushes into buses and trains, people who don’t mind not taking railway and platform tickets, people who spit on the roads and treats public space as trash bin, Men who unapologetically sit on ladies seat and kids who don’t wait for the old.

And then there are people like him.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Myth…


Genre: Action/Adventure
Starring: Jackie Chan, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Kim Hee Seon, Choi Min Soo, Mallika Sherawat
Director: Stanley Tong

I have been an avid Jackie Chan fan from my childhood days….his stunts, antics and even his flawed English had enough charm to win my heart…Right from Canon ball to Shanghai Noon, Jackie Chan has been entertaining audiences all around the world for more than three decades….

And it was with a mind full of anticipation and heart full of excitement that I went to watch his latest flick, THE MYTH directed by Stanley Tong(remember Police story and Rumble in the Bronx??).

Jackie Chan plays Jack, an archeologist who while trying to help his scientist friend, stumbles upon a sword which links him to his past, the past which has been visiting him through recurring dreams about a beautiful princess played by Kim Hee Seon, who to be frank, looks extremely beautiful in the movie.

Looks like a promising plot?

Well that’s all it has. The film lacks continuity and the screenplay is weak. The story lacks strength and the audience leaves the theatre thinking what happened to Jackie Chan.
All of Chan’s trademark items are either missing or poorly presented in the movie…It seems Stanley Tong couldn’t decide himself whether to make it an action, romantic or a humor flick…there are a few comic scenes, which does n ’t gel with the introspective character played Chan. The Romance between Chan & Kim is one thing that has been beautifully portrayed and it stands out in the whole movie.

Mallika Sherawat plays a ridiculously dressed Indian dancer who helps Chan in his India adventure where he finds his sword. She plays the daughter of a ‘Yoga and Martial arts Master’ and wears designer sarees,sleeveless blouses and has once again proved that she has no connection to acting other than baring her skin in front of the camera.

All other actors have put up decent jobs and Chan has done full justice to his role .The Film was well marketed and was premiered at many Film festivals around the world. Mallika Sherawat was seen at Cannes grabbing more attention than Aiswariya Rai.Jackie Chan himself set out promote the movie

But I guess all this doesn’t make THE MYTH a myth to be retold….

Wednesday, February 15, 2006



I almost died…the blogger’s death…
I took a break from everything for three weeks ...and what do i find on coming back....

The world has changed beyond posts,new links.... the world does move fast...

It was my sister's marriage and i had been to Kerala for two was a welcome break from work..
But all along I had this thought bugging me...
When when when...when shall i post next...?
Blogging has become so important in life that everything else can wait...and in the past few days i realized how something which i started as a mere timepass a few months ago has become something about which Im deeply passionate and perhaps obsessed..

As a kid i used to have 'one day ' i will start collecting bus tickets one fine morning and if someone asks me ."Kutta..what are your hobbies....?"
Ill quip .."Aunty,I wanted to be the greatest Ticket collector in the world,I already have three..." and by the time i woke up the next day ill be collecting coconut husks...

Sometimes its lasted for a week... or a few months...
It was almost the same with almost everything....start...brag end...

But with time my hobbies changed along with me..They started growing with me...
I still remember the day i bought my Gun home and wreaked havoc..
(Well that was what i brought with my first salary.. a gun...!! My mother behaved as though the world was coming to an end while my
father was proud of his son...)

I started blogging in October 2005...It would be better if i say "We started ..." It was along with my friend that i first started the experiments...

While I have been sort of a reluctant blogger she has become a very popular blogger with a large number of readers....
At first I thought.."Why the heck do people blog??"
The passion grew day by day...thoughts splashed on many minds put open before the and happiness..!!
Now whenever i see someone with a tensed face and cynical attitude..I think.."He 's got so much inside..should open up somewhere...maybe he should blog..."
Blogging seems to have remedial powers...perhaps an addictive effect too...

Now i ask ..."Why the heck dont people blog?"

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tagged again...!!

I've been tagged by My Ramblings.. and the rules are...

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Target: Female

mmmh lemme see...

The eight points -

1. should be a very very good cook...everything else can be compromised
2. should be financially independent and emotionally strong...
3. should enjoy watching news in television
4. should be able to discuss politics endlessly...
5. should be my PR & HR
6. should be able to appreciate the beauty of even a tiny speck of dust on a cricket bat
7. should love my singing and take responsibility for the consequences it brings on...
8. should love me,care for me and occasionally fight and defeat me....

i think this will do...
and here goes the name of the tagged..

Accidental Fame Junkie
Still figurin out...

c ya...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

SMS to God

Dear XXX Customer…

Its time to pray..!! XXX Makes it easy.. Now you can sent your prayer to Siddhi Vinayak temple.
Type BLESS “Oh GOD bless me.(Your message here.!) to 6868
Offer only from XXX cellular….!!

RS 3 per Prayer

This was the message to which I woke up today morning to with the Beep of my mobile ….
And it was enough to shake the sleep of me..
I mean ..what has the world come to yaar..

Its just difficult to imagine God with a cell phone…along with his trishulam,Sudarshana chakra and other paraphernalia…

Message your Girl friend, the police, the movie hall,the restaurant ,the government and now the GOD himself…Am I dreamin or something.. if this is the way maybe it wont be late when I get the message..

“ Dear Subcriber, You have been punished by God for Failing to sent the three devotional ringtones to 100 mobileless people that you promised to offer last Onam…As the punishment talktime worth Rs 100 will be reduced from your account and your phone will be put on international roaming with premium rates for three days.”

And maybe you ‘ill also start getting SMS prasadams…and blessings as acknowledgement…Obviosly you ‘ill have to pay more for personalized blessings…and the mobileless will be the sinners…

Wonder what ill happen in case of a network failure…or on the festival days when the lines will be busy with Prayers…

Start your mornings with a prayer- Moral Science Lesson no: 3 ,Third standarad.
That was 15 years ago…

I wonder if the syllabi has changed with technology… Send an SMS to God daily…if you are busy atleast put a miscall….

Am I dialing the wrong number or something…..?

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Thomas Friedman in the New York Times....

"When we were young kids growing up in America, we were told to eat ourvegetables at dinner and not to leave them. Mothers said, 'think of thestarving children in India and finish the dinner.'And now I tell my children: 'Finish your maths homework. Think of the children in India who would make you starve, if you don't. "

What do yo think?