Sunday, May 28, 2006



STARRING: Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Marie-Josee Croze, Geoffrey Rush, Mathieu Kassovitz
DIRECTION: Steven Spielberg

I hate propaganda.. and especially mediums which do it...
Partly because it is always crude and partly because it always is one sided ,blatant and unjustified.
But then it can be beautifully crafted too..Crafted to make you cry for someone whom you hate,fight for a cause which may or maynot bear any significance in your life.

Munich is a beautifully crafted movie.But Propanganda? I dont know.

It portrays history of the Black september and afterwards through the life of Avner Kauffman, a Mossad officer deputed to eliminate the masterminds behind the abduction and murder of 11 Israeli atheletes in the Munich Olymbics in 1972.

The movie starts with the abduction of the Israeli athletes followed by their deaths and the deaths of the people who abducted them.

But the story of the movie is about really what happened afterwards.And it kicks off with Avner Kauffman,brilliantly brought into life by Eric Bana ;being deputed to lead the under cover counter mission by Golda Meir the Israeli Prime Minister. Avner's team members are played by Daniel Craig (guns), Mathieu Kassovitz (bombs), Hanns Zischler (forger) and Ciaran Hinds (cleanup).

The script is taut and leaves no chance for the viewers or the characters to relax.And it keeps on getting more and more tense untill the viewer empathizes completely with Avner and his team and starts hating the Palestinians.And that becomes easy since not much light is shed on thelife ,motives efforts and sufferings of the Palestinains. At this moment we will feel that Speilberg has brilliantly done his part for Israel and his religion,the ignorant audience will be manipulated.But to say that Speilberg was rude wont be true.Enough suffering has been there on both sides.

It is here where the real leit motif of the movie comes into play.That revenge does not end anything.Elimination of one evil causes the birth of an even worse one.Avner becomes a man who is confused in front of the questions he himself raised.The significance of human life and love is debated in his mind.What is important? Killing the people who caused shame to his nation or killing his own conscience.Both are the same ,he realizes eventually.

It is a question which will never be answered.A wound which will never be healed unless we all learn to forgive.

The movie is Speilbergs message to the world. Maybe one which the world badly needs.Forgive.


Ekta said...

not seen it yet kannan!
But ur review now makes me wanna go and have a look!

Sphinx said...

I'm waiting to watch this movie :-)

kannan udayarajan said...


You should ..its worth..

do it b4 it leaves the screens..

Keshi said...

makes me wanna see it..thanks Kannan!


kannan udayarajan said...


you should Keshi...

Shikha said...

eric bana is sooo handsome :P

kannan udayarajan said...


Wait till i get my hands on you... grrr!

Anoop said...

Well written review....
u r right....there are so many times we fight with our concience.... if u'r concience's win rate is more...u r one heck of a person!!!

kannan udayarajan said...


good thought..!

sanchapanzo said...


i think you have to blame this movie for being indecisive and not being pro-Israeli. if you remember the climax of this movie, when the protagonist decides enough-is-enough of all the assasination attempts, it could be considered as unpatriotic. infact, this part of the movie is what upset me, cause somehow the entire plot which was so beautifully built had to be destroyed.
i think what the movie missed out was, it could not properly identify itself between a documentary and a thriller. so will leave the audience confused, with its rather abrupt ending of a movie(not a documentary).

kannan udayarajan said...


Hey nice observation..!

But dont you think that wars waged in the conscience of a man are more important that the wars watched on the warfield?

Maybe that was what Speilberg thought.

Anonymous said...

Oh.. my God.. guess its a lot of violence..not my sort!!

Anyways the message is kewl!!


Aethyr said...

neat!!have u seen 'divided we fall' try watching it..good movie

Gangadhar said...

dat's a nice review,Kannan..
I'd love to watch it...

kannan udayarajan said...


Divide we Fall...mmh should give it a try..

Thanks boss!