Thursday, January 12, 2006

SMS to God

Dear XXX Customer…

Its time to pray..!! XXX Makes it easy.. Now you can sent your prayer to Siddhi Vinayak temple.
Type BLESS “Oh GOD bless me.(Your message here.!) to 6868
Offer only from XXX cellular….!!

RS 3 per Prayer

This was the message to which I woke up today morning to with the Beep of my mobile ….
And it was enough to shake the sleep of me..
I mean ..what has the world come to yaar..

Its just difficult to imagine God with a cell phone…along with his trishulam,Sudarshana chakra and other paraphernalia…

Message your Girl friend, the police, the movie hall,the restaurant ,the government and now the GOD himself…Am I dreamin or something.. if this is the way maybe it wont be late when I get the message..

“ Dear Subcriber, You have been punished by God for Failing to sent the three devotional ringtones to 100 mobileless people that you promised to offer last Onam…As the punishment talktime worth Rs 100 will be reduced from your account and your phone will be put on international roaming with premium rates for three days.”

And maybe you ‘ill also start getting SMS prasadams…and blessings as acknowledgement…Obviosly you ‘ill have to pay more for personalized blessings…and the mobileless will be the sinners…

Wonder what ill happen in case of a network failure…or on the festival days when the lines will be busy with Prayers…

Start your mornings with a prayer- Moral Science Lesson no: 3 ,Third standarad.
That was 15 years ago…

I wonder if the syllabi has changed with technology… Send an SMS to God daily…if you are busy atleast put a miscall….

Am I dialing the wrong number or something…..?