Wednesday, March 01, 2006


“ If I don’t get this done in 2 hours, you will face dire consequences”

He was screaming to RK, sitting near me.

“There is no need to get angry, I have been working hard, sitting night outs and never taking leaves. Its been 7 months since I last went to see my parents. I have done all that you have asked me to, and still you shout at me…”

RK sounded as though he was about to cry.

Just what is happening to the corporate world?
Ever since I ve started working, I ve seen people handling responsible positions behaving with no dignity and self-respect. Shouting, insulting and always taking credit for the work once it gets done. I work in the Software industry, where people get one of the best salaries in the country and work in the best environs- Air-conditioned offices, services on demand and many, many perks depending upon your post and the bargaining you did while coming in.

Still I see that most of the faces around me are disgruntled, something missing from their faces; maybe it was the cheer they had on their faces as kids. There are the few exceptional cases too, but even freshers who walked in with energy and excitement a few months back seem to have slipped into some kind of sorrow,the reason for which no one knows.
Stupid ego clashes and silly statements makes it even more stupid.And the subject in tea time conversations always revolve around the offers some one else got or another guy’s onsite opportunity and the politics behind.

Is it the long ,in disciplined working hours or the obscene salaries that’s taking away their dignity?To treat their subordinate as slaves and behave like stupid zamindars from an old era?Hey after all this is not rocket science… we all work because our ultimate boss at the top can make money and pay us ,to make a proper living .Of course the ambitious can strive more,but should they tramble over those below them?

I am reminded of a forward that I got …

"Those who sit on top can see only smiling faces when look down..
And those who sit at the bottom will see only assholes when they look up…"

Monday, February 27, 2006


This happened a few months before. I was traveling along with my friends in a city bus. Our destination was E Square where the Pune International Film Festival was going on. We had booked through the Net and still had some registration formalities left. The shows started at 9:00 in the morning and we did not want to miss anything. We had started sufficiently early and were lucky enough to get a bus that started from our Point, with lots of seats. The journey was like any other Indian bus journey. The bus rattled on making noises as though it was coughing. Maybe it was complaining, for having being put to ride in that cold winter morning.

Soon the bus got crowded. The seats we were sitting on got fortified by commuters. And guarded by alert eyes whose owners were impatiently waiting for us to get down. The journey continued. Many boarded and many got down. One of the replacements that came for a disembarked block of my seat’s fortification was an old man. However he differed a lot.He was frail and possessed a quite dignity in his face.His eyes did not pry for our seats.He had a file in his hands and was wearing an old pair of pants and a sweater over his shirt.He wore spectacles that gave a glow to his eyes,eyes that had seen a lifetime Where is he going? What does the file contain?Is he fighting some old case? A million questions flew through my mind. . He stood there. Anchoring himself to the seat bars and swaying with every sway of the bus.

I got up and offered him my seat. But he surprised me and perhaps all those around us by declining the offer.

Young man, you sit, you have a long way to go in life

Was he making fun of me?

We have to learn to face difficult situations, we should not take the youth for granted, being old doesn’t mean that you should always invite sympathy and help. I am old, but I am strong too, I have enough strength in me to me to hold myself up and perhaps more.” He spoke in perfect English.

I sat on my seat. Uncomfortable though.
Later when another passenger got down the old man took his seat. He still had the same dignity and peace in his eyes.
My stop came and I had to get down, I looked at him, hoping that he ill return it. But he was looking far outside…

We see all kinds of people in life.
We are a country that refuses to stand on queues, that’s rushes into buses and trains, people who don’t mind not taking railway and platform tickets, people who spit on the roads and treats public space as trash bin, Men who unapologetically sit on ladies seat and kids who don’t wait for the old.

And then there are people like him.