Monday, May 08, 2006

I miss..

We all miss a lot of things in life...pleasant moments of life..which may seem silly,stupid or illogical to others..

But in the treasurehouse of our memories,they linger on, events which eventually shaped us..thoughts which motivated us..and the life we lived and the life we relive through our memories...

thanks Anoop for tagging me...

I miss...

the days when as a kid i used to gaze upto the sky endlessly to never loose track of the stray aeroplane which flew over...wondering when ill fly.

the days when i chased butterflies in my backyard....yellow,white and a myriad of colours ...they were so beautiful

the evenings when i waited anxiously for my father to return from he waits for me..

all the quarelling with my ammamma

the days when amma's fish curry was just enough for the family...

cuddling up with my sisters in the bed..listening to chinthu chechi's stories

the teachers who told me stories..who just loved us like their own kids

the lab i set up in the car shed..where everything from the search light to the atom bomb was reinvented

eating mangoes dipped in salt and red chilly powder along with Doney in my terrace..

the smokes i shared with Paul and vijeesh

getting drunk and singing with friends in college

the endless speeches i made in my college as an union leader

the fights ,strikes and suspensions ...

writing supplimentaries...


a lot...these pages wont treasurehouse is big..