Monday, June 05, 2006


It has started raining in Pune and our weekend jaunts were seeming to get infrequent.

So as soon as we saw the Sun yesterday,we decided to hit the road.

Our Primary aim was to hang out a little ,scout some bookshops and have an evening walk along
the Fergusson College road..lazing around.And then we decided ;that we will visit Pataleshwar,
the 1300 year old caves temple right off JM Road.

It was something which we both had in our minds for some time but some how did not materialize so long.. We had seen piks of the Baner caves and Pataleshwar together,almost an year back; and we did the Baner hill expedition then itself..But Pataleshwar was waiting for the right time ..I guess, because we have made countless visits to Deccan,but skipped it everytime.
Everytime the bus passes over,and we time .. One place which we have now almost missed out due to this procrastination is Chattushringi..and so this timewe made a strong decision make it.

It was not exactly sunny,there was a slight drizzle..the air was cool and the light breeze made Pune more charming..Soon we reached our destination and walked in with anticipation..but was taken aback to see a quite normal temple;which we soon learned was the famous Jangli Maharaj temple after whom JM Road got its name..

We asked a gentleman where Pataleshwar was ...

"Turn left,take the steps..." and we were there..

History stood there as though engulfed in a time warp.
It was magnificient..a huge structure carved out of a single rock..the Mandapa,Nandi...the pillars..stupendous !

For a holiday,it was not crowded,except for a few couples who found the rocky temple romantic enough..and some devotees .

We went inside the was so beautiful and different..
Cool and quiet...right in the middle of the city..

We sat there for sometime..the light breeze romancing with us..the rays of sun which managed to cheat the huge pillars fell on us..
As it must have fell upon many a visitor through the centuries

The seasons over the centuries have done little have the battles of Maharashtra..
It stands alone..strong and real..
how many men might have found shelter in it..
how many Kings,Queens and warriors have stood praying before it...
how many lovers exchanged vows in its airy corridors..
the many wars it witnessed,the thunders and lightnings of time..still it stands strong

Sometimes the visible amazes us more than the true.