Thursday, July 13, 2006


Im getting bored..its time I went on another trip to some place weird..the rains have
also subsided a little...the calm before the storm.I thought Ill take rest this weekend..
and stay put at home ,wash all the pending clothes,clean up and relax with a book...

I did everything and felt happy..but feel as though the weekend is treks..
I think i too got bit by the outdoor bug...thouh shi would disagree every bit...well I would explain it as " for every ten times the bug bit shi,it bit me once..." :)

Travelling is really therapeutic ; with the new air and light,it brings new life to all those who experiences it too..

Apart from the treks ,the last I went out was with my project team for a trip..which was ,well a routine thing..
and i missed the Raigad trek due to to make up for it sometime in September...
the next thing on cards was white water rafting in Kundalika...with heavy rains around,that too seems a
distant possibility...

staying indoors is taking its toll,and most unexpected thing that could have ever happened has happened,I got bored with Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy ...and I seem to have got fed up with the rains,even before it has properly poured.

I am waiting for september,when everything hopefully will clear up ..