Thursday, November 29, 2007

Idiocracy-- hows that for a change?

If there is one thing on which the 'evolutionaries' and supporters of Intelligent design would concur, it would be on the impossibility of Idiocracy.Evolution is the survival of fittest supported by intelligence and can go only forward.And as far as Intelligent Designers are concerned ,its all been already planned and thought of .

Well Mike Judge and Etan Cohen doesn't seem to think so and so does the hilarious movie they made an year back.Idiocracy is all about the reversal of evolution or biological devolution and how stupid the world can end up being if things go the way the movie says its going.

But as in all American movies the world in this one also means America & Americans(all of whom look like immigrant labourers from Mexico,whether a pun was intended is still unknown at this point of time).May be Mike and Etan had second thoughts on portraying their idea on a planet earth scale due to obvious reasons which need not be made explicit(Did you not see the word 'Obvious'??).

Well those who want to know more about the movie can read on here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Christopher McCandless

I doubt if anyone knows this guy.

It was in a small article in last week's TIME that I came to read about this guy.Sean Penn is making a movie on him,after the best selling book on him by Jon Krakauer 'Into the Wild'.Curious to know what this guy was all about I did some research and well ,not a day has passed since without looking up and finding something about him.He was no scholar,actor,statesman or biz leader,just a 24 year old guy who got fed up with the world and went into the wild to bring sense to life.

Chris McCandless(Feb 12, 1968 – Aug 1992) came from a well to do family,graduated from the Emory(FYI..Salman Rushdie teaches there now..)and at the age of 22 severed ties with the whole world,burned all the money he had,hitch hiked around North America under the name Alexander Supertramp and disappeared into the Alaskan wilderness only to return dead.

Was he an anarchist? He was no Abbie Hoffman.But what he did was anarchism of a different order to the world. To him, it was the only way , the true way.

To me he embodies the thirst for realization and courage to go to any extreme for that.He once remarked to his friend (who employed him as a help for a short while) ,

“Sometimes I wish I hadn’t met you though. Tramping is too Easy with all this money. My days were more exciting when I was penniless and had to Forage Around for my next meal… I’ve decided that I’m going to live this Life for some time to come. The Freedom and Simple Beauty of it is just too good to pass up.”

Chris died of starvation.His body was found by moose hunters in an old abandoned bus in the woods.Whether he found what he set out for is something nobody knows.And what he would have told the world had he come back alive is also something we dont know.

But he set out..he had the courage..,9171,1661699,00.html

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Missing the company..

In the past few months, the thought of again being an active blogger must have crossed my mind atleast a zillion times.But everytime it just whooshed away through my stray thoughts and nothing happened.

Its not just me.I have seen a lot of active bloggers in the same path.It was not a
sudden disillusionment of sorts,but more of an uncalculated drift away from writing stuff.
It starts with long gaps between posts,once the gaps become too long,it is again broken
with a comeback post.Two or three more may follow to keep company,but the same story
follows.Sort of a slow death for which nobody might ever write an obituary.

The count of 'dead blogs' all over the net are increasing day by day.Atleast a dozen I
regularly tracked have completey withered down save the lone comment by a stray scavenger.
Sometimes I wonder..where are these people? Who used to post by dozens every week?
All the Comments and courtesy comments? Was blogging just a fad of the time?

Where are you guys?

Saturday, August 04, 2007

See this..

"It will take time to restore chaos" -George .W. Bush

It is quite obvious that he did not have any idea regarding what he was talking about(well he rarely has !), but I guess this will go down in history as one of the most prolific philisophical quotes ever made
by a dumb politician.

What Dubya intended to convey will always remain a mystery like his political intellect or administrative prowess.But taken as an independent quote, the interpretations this quote has received hints that the butterfly effect of this will be tremendous.

I have attached the video for your reference :

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Does it really matter?

The Indian political scenario currently is very active thanks to the upcoming presidential poll.

Speculations on who will get to laze around(there are exceptions) as the first citizen of the world’s largest democracy have almost come to an end, though some still believe that it is still not a lost cause and is worth putting more time and effort into. It really amuses me, that people can( me included) get hooked to something in which they have the least or almost no choice and which never has been a cause of terrible nightmares.

Historically, the office of the Indian President has always been just another office in New Delhi. A sort of five star retirement home for the old political stallions who could no more win a derby,but wanted very much to be part of it.They never intended to do anything great,nor felt it was a really great office that mattered.

Seems the story is no longer so.Ever since Abdul Kalam, the accidental president, turned t
hings around in Rashtrapathi Bhavan by making sensible use of the office as well as the paraphernalia that came along with it, the Presidency of the Union of India seemed to have gained much charm,even to the surprise of those who made him the first citizen.

But it’s a sad thing that none of the political parties of India have not learned from this example.They still want it to be part of their extended political ego rather than a symbol of Indian unity and belief in democracy.

Im not here to comment on the credentials of the others in the fray, for it serves no purpose.Any candidate can invite the wrong questions,for the age we live in is filled with events that creates the reasons for these questions.But atleast we could have found someone like Kalam,to whom the entire nation looks up to,adorn the position.

Afterall this is one position whch holds minimal powers, but a lot of respect; Can't we just think beyond the silly differences ?

Or is it too much to ask?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jhansi ki Mademoiselle..

Saw the kid on her back?

Good! So you know where its all going to...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The high...

I am going through a bout of laziness,which of course is an every now and then thing for me.Its again therapautic.You feel so pissed of with yourself at the end that you finally start doing things ..yeah we do!

All sorts of things happen in between.Visions of life a going to be wasted,dreams of operating the tv remote with the mere spark of a thought,the fear of de-evolving into one of those slimy slothy creatures which sleeps for a 100 years,wake up to walk a millimetre,eat a fly and go back to sleep for another 100 years..all the while the delusions seem to echo with the angry words of somebody's wife..(yeah it has always been a little vague)

And when the high is reached,well always a new one every time,you just cant believe you are there,and when its over you just feel proud , of having experienced a never before feeling ...It might seem abstract,but thats the whole philsophy of it..


Saturday, March 10, 2007


Which canthree are you fam?
U speak guth engleas far Endians…

And you mam?
I cam from the Nederlands..u kna Hollanth?
Of course I ve learned in geography?
U wenth to collage in Endia?


Whath didh you larn?
Ok u on business?
No Im a consultant..u know..

Ya..u like America..
Just moved in…

I don’t….too hot here…Nederland is cold…I like Cold..
So you wanth it shorth?

Size 4 or 2..?
I dint get you..?
Short or too short?

Sides and back …too short
Up and front …short..

Client demo follows.

Will that do?

Roar of machines..
Is that fine?

Nothing was left..,it was the most tragic sight..the magic tuft which strategically covered my forehead was gone..
Light took turns in bouncing to and fro from the head of the guy in the front me and.. well my own….

total tragedy..

It hot in Bombay?

You like America…?

Why… ?

Ith too cold..
I wanth to go back to Endia….i like. hoth..

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Its been over a month now here in the US..And for all its greatness,America seems to me as a superbly boring country..Empty roads,sleepy malls..and silence all the way might as well believe this is a huge empty parking lot rather than the united states of..

All the thank yous,welcomes and the courtesy bickerings seems to be taking its toll on me..No filled up transport buses blowing up the dust,not autorickshaws to have bumpy rides ending in paan stains on the crowded cricket,no spicy fish cow dung on the road,no elephants blocking traffic..

I guess I'm missing India, and missing it badly..

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Those days...

I hope all of you ,if not at least most of you might ,or maybe at the least some of you might be very familiar with 'Malgudi days'.I am not talking about the book,which incidently I have not read,but about the televised version which I saw as a kid every week in Doordarshan some 20 years back.

The reason why this has come back to my mind and fingertips is that I happened to read about this somewhere in the net last week,and I happened to get this link( of the copyright owners)where you can see some of the episodes.

Casually I hovered over the links wondering whether I had enough time to spent over this, but ultimately made the click.I was riveted for the next 2 hours and watched 4 episodes at a stretch.

The freshness of Malgudi and the innocence of Swami (played by Manjunath) took me back through my memories to the nights when we three kids,Achan,Amma and Babychechi,our maid servant ;used togather in front of our old Dyanora TV to catch 30 minutes of Malgudi.Babychechi did not understand a bit of Hindi,but laughed along with us when my eldest sister gave the running translation for each of the dialogues.Achan of course was the serious one,breaking out with a laugh only once in a while.

It was not just Malgudi,there was Wagle ke Duniya,Fauji and Mahabharath..of course everything used to be in Hindi,we were sad that nothing was there for us in the south.But all of them had some standard and the whole neighbourhood could enjoy them.(Something like the Bill Cosby Shows in US)

My parents always made it a point that we watch all these as a family,if not as a neighbourhood.Everybody was welcome.
And these 30 Mins played a very important role in building up our characters as kids,it was not just the show.

Twenty years later we have more than 300 channels nationwide,but not a single program or channel has been able to replicate the magic which DD did for us.India has changed a lot,the people,the economy,lifestyles..and I sometimes feel that those good old days were the best,though they were not the best in all ways.And these thoughts are reinforced by the trash we have in TV now..

Clearly,Those were the magical days; when even TV serials had souls..:)

Sunday, February 18, 2007



Its been no blogging for quite sometime now..and i felt i was out of this..but i guess, i can never leave it alltogether and that i have to make visits often if not every now and then.

So many things happened meanwhile..I got married , bid goodbye to my bachelor life, had an exciting duel with chikungunya(spell check:)),missed a honey moon,moved to theUS for a while
and missed out on many things which i loved doing..

Reading,writing, all seems long ago now..I guess everyone has one of these phases in which they lose touch with what they used to enjoy doing.. due to domestic and other reasons.

But its sort of good,because it makes the stuff more exciting and fullfilling..:)

Well guess now its time for me to be back in action ....and lets see how long i last this time..:)