Sunday, February 18, 2007



Its been no blogging for quite sometime now..and i felt i was out of this..but i guess, i can never leave it alltogether and that i have to make visits often if not every now and then.

So many things happened meanwhile..I got married , bid goodbye to my bachelor life, had an exciting duel with chikungunya(spell check:)),missed a honey moon,moved to theUS for a while
and missed out on many things which i loved doing..

Reading,writing, all seems long ago now..I guess everyone has one of these phases in which they lose touch with what they used to enjoy doing.. due to domestic and other reasons.

But its sort of good,because it makes the stuff more exciting and fullfilling..:)

Well guess now its time for me to be back in action ....and lets see how long i last this time..:)

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Shikha said...

i just hope ur next post comes sson enough:)