Sunday, February 25, 2007

Those days...

I hope all of you ,if not at least most of you might ,or maybe at the least some of you might be very familiar with 'Malgudi days'.I am not talking about the book,which incidently I have not read,but about the televised version which I saw as a kid every week in Doordarshan some 20 years back.

The reason why this has come back to my mind and fingertips is that I happened to read about this somewhere in the net last week,and I happened to get this link( of the copyright owners)where you can see some of the episodes.

Casually I hovered over the links wondering whether I had enough time to spent over this, but ultimately made the click.I was riveted for the next 2 hours and watched 4 episodes at a stretch.

The freshness of Malgudi and the innocence of Swami (played by Manjunath) took me back through my memories to the nights when we three kids,Achan,Amma and Babychechi,our maid servant ;used togather in front of our old Dyanora TV to catch 30 minutes of Malgudi.Babychechi did not understand a bit of Hindi,but laughed along with us when my eldest sister gave the running translation for each of the dialogues.Achan of course was the serious one,breaking out with a laugh only once in a while.

It was not just Malgudi,there was Wagle ke Duniya,Fauji and Mahabharath..of course everything used to be in Hindi,we were sad that nothing was there for us in the south.But all of them had some standard and the whole neighbourhood could enjoy them.(Something like the Bill Cosby Shows in US)

My parents always made it a point that we watch all these as a family,if not as a neighbourhood.Everybody was welcome.
And these 30 Mins played a very important role in building up our characters as kids,it was not just the show.

Twenty years later we have more than 300 channels nationwide,but not a single program or channel has been able to replicate the magic which DD did for us.India has changed a lot,the people,the economy,lifestyles..and I sometimes feel that those good old days were the best,though they were not the best in all ways.And these thoughts are reinforced by the trash we have in TV now..

Clearly,Those were the magical days; when even TV serials had souls..:)


Princess said...


U r back :)
Good to see u back.

I remember watching Chadramukhi and mowgli.

Anoop said...

I too miss those serials dude...and u missed out Nukkad and Udaan!!
By the way, they are showing Karamchand in Sony....not as good as the old one..but still a walk down nostalgia lane!!!

kannan udayarajan said...


Those came a few years down the lane..but I guess there is nothing like those these days..Nothing which captures the collective imagination of the viewers..


I too heard about Karamchand..yet to see it..there were a couple of serials in malayalam too...kumilakal..then there was telecomedy on a chekavar..memories..:)

Shikha said...

I watched mahabharath on video :|..but i remember a few serials which i watched during vacations..everyone in that locality would turn up to watch them..krishna,alif laila, chandrakanta

Arun said...

hahaha..the 'Old dyanora' rekindled my memories too as we also had a Dyanora, i guess, parents bought it in 82-84 somehwere..i think Asian games.
neways...u r right, good Ole DD days is nostalgic..adding to the nostalgia > Gul gulshan gulfam, dekh bhai dekh, surabhi, Giant Robot, Street Hawk, Stone Boy...the list wil go on n on :-D


kannan udayarajan said...




yep it was the Asian games,which bought out the colour TV revolution in India