Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The high...

I am going through a bout of laziness,which of course is an every now and then thing for me.Its again therapautic.You feel so pissed of with yourself at the end that you finally start doing things ..yeah we do!

All sorts of things happen in between.Visions of life a going to be wasted,dreams of operating the tv remote with the mere spark of a thought,the fear of de-evolving into one of those slimy slothy creatures which sleeps for a 100 years,wake up to walk a millimetre,eat a fly and go back to sleep for another 100 years..all the while the delusions seem to echo with the angry words of somebody's wife..(yeah it has always been a little vague)

And when the high is reached,well always a new one every time,you just cant believe you are there,and when its over you just feel proud , of having experienced a never before feeling ...It might seem abstract,but thats the whole philsophy of it..



Praney said...

Twing !! I thought while reading this post that you putting a serious note here but the "hehe.:)" at the end confused me. Mixture of feelings?

Anyway if you smiling that's simply fine.

ME said...

Same here:)

Praney said...

Update buddy. It's almost two months now !