Sunday, March 04, 2007


Its been over a month now here in the US..And for all its greatness,America seems to me as a superbly boring country..Empty roads,sleepy malls..and silence all the way might as well believe this is a huge empty parking lot rather than the united states of..

All the thank yous,welcomes and the courtesy bickerings seems to be taking its toll on me..No filled up transport buses blowing up the dust,not autorickshaws to have bumpy rides ending in paan stains on the crowded cricket,no spicy fish cow dung on the road,no elephants blocking traffic..

I guess I'm missing India, and missing it badly..


Shikha said...

me too..but thanks to all the movies i dont mind:P

Praney said...

Your post funny and sad all togather. I wonder elephants still blocking traffic?? May be in south.

But its nice to hear that you missing apna pyara watan. Lot of lucks!

kannan udayarajan said...


I hope the movies come every second day...:)


Welcome to my blog..and elephants still block the roads in most Indian know Discovery says that its the most intelligent four legged thing around and Gurucharandas in India unbound corroborates that....jk..:)

Arun said...

Very funny yet emotional one :-)
for a break from empty malls, clean roads n smooth rides, why don't u go to the carribeans for a Indian match...already the indian team are lacking the fan-flowing.:-D


Anoop said...

Join the gang dude...and the lack of cricket matters!!

kannan udayarajan said...


yep...and i badly need that break


already in..!

Manju said...

its not the same here..
here.. i can find pot holes on the roads..crowded buses..
the place i am living is the India part of USA!