Sunday, July 01, 2007

Does it really matter?

The Indian political scenario currently is very active thanks to the upcoming presidential poll.

Speculations on who will get to laze around(there are exceptions) as the first citizen of the world’s largest democracy have almost come to an end, though some still believe that it is still not a lost cause and is worth putting more time and effort into. It really amuses me, that people can( me included) get hooked to something in which they have the least or almost no choice and which never has been a cause of terrible nightmares.

Historically, the office of the Indian President has always been just another office in New Delhi. A sort of five star retirement home for the old political stallions who could no more win a derby,but wanted very much to be part of it.They never intended to do anything great,nor felt it was a really great office that mattered.

Seems the story is no longer so.Ever since Abdul Kalam, the accidental president, turned t
hings around in Rashtrapathi Bhavan by making sensible use of the office as well as the paraphernalia that came along with it, the Presidency of the Union of India seemed to have gained much charm,even to the surprise of those who made him the first citizen.

But it’s a sad thing that none of the political parties of India have not learned from this example.They still want it to be part of their extended political ego rather than a symbol of Indian unity and belief in democracy.

Im not here to comment on the credentials of the others in the fray, for it serves no purpose.Any candidate can invite the wrong questions,for the age we live in is filled with events that creates the reasons for these questions.But atleast we could have found someone like Kalam,to whom the entire nation looks up to,adorn the position.

Afterall this is one position whch holds minimal powers, but a lot of respect; Can't we just think beyond the silly differences ?

Or is it too much to ask?


Anoop said...

Completely share your idea on this....even K. R Narayanan was a decent president!!!

Praney said...

I came here today when Patil has already been elected as Rashrapati, oppps Rashtrapatni? Opps again.

Rashtraadhyaksha right?