Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Missing the company..

In the past few months, the thought of again being an active blogger must have crossed my mind atleast a zillion times.But everytime it just whooshed away through my stray thoughts and nothing happened.

Its not just me.I have seen a lot of active bloggers in the same path.It was not a
sudden disillusionment of sorts,but more of an uncalculated drift away from writing stuff.
It starts with long gaps between posts,once the gaps become too long,it is again broken
with a comeback post.Two or three more may follow to keep company,but the same story
follows.Sort of a slow death for which nobody might ever write an obituary.

The count of 'dead blogs' all over the net are increasing day by day.Atleast a dozen I
regularly tracked have completey withered down save the lone comment by a stray scavenger.
Sometimes I wonder..where are these people? Who used to post by dozens every week?
All the Comments and courtesy comments? Was blogging just a fad of the time?

Where are you guys?

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Santhanu Nair said...

Dont know whether you will see this comment. Blog wasn't a fad of time, it was only that many bloggers who were active earlier lost interest now. I am an active reader for past 3 years. From the time you started blogging and still reading. Countless people have started blogging and some earlier ones still do it with the same interest. So blog isn't a fad of time, it still is.