Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Christopher McCandless

I doubt if anyone knows this guy.

It was in a small article in last week's TIME that I came to read about this guy.Sean Penn is making a movie on him,after the best selling book on him by Jon Krakauer 'Into the Wild'.Curious to know what this guy was all about I did some research and well ,not a day has passed since without looking up and finding something about him.He was no scholar,actor,statesman or biz leader,just a 24 year old guy who got fed up with the world and went into the wild to bring sense to life.

Chris McCandless(Feb 12, 1968 – Aug 1992) came from a well to do family,graduated from the Emory(FYI..Salman Rushdie teaches there now..)and at the age of 22 severed ties with the whole world,burned all the money he had,hitch hiked around North America under the name Alexander Supertramp and disappeared into the Alaskan wilderness only to return dead.

Was he an anarchist? He was no Abbie Hoffman.But what he did was anarchism of a different order to the world. To him, it was the only way , the true way.

To me he embodies the thirst for realization and courage to go to any extreme for that.He once remarked to his friend (who employed him as a help for a short while) ,

“Sometimes I wish I hadn’t met you though. Tramping is too Easy with all this money. My days were more exciting when I was penniless and had to Forage Around for my next meal… I’ve decided that I’m going to live this Life for some time to come. The Freedom and Simple Beauty of it is just too good to pass up.”

Chris died of starvation.His body was found by moose hunters in an old abandoned bus in the woods.Whether he found what he set out for is something nobody knows.And what he would have told the world had he come back alive is also something we dont know.

But he set out..he had the courage..



EYE said...

...followed his heart. Sometimes the results can be fatal

kannan udayarajan said...

yup..I feel that is what is elegant about McCandless..he dint care..