Thursday, November 29, 2007

Idiocracy-- hows that for a change?

If there is one thing on which the 'evolutionaries' and supporters of Intelligent design would concur, it would be on the impossibility of Idiocracy.Evolution is the survival of fittest supported by intelligence and can go only forward.And as far as Intelligent Designers are concerned ,its all been already planned and thought of .

Well Mike Judge and Etan Cohen doesn't seem to think so and so does the hilarious movie they made an year back.Idiocracy is all about the reversal of evolution or biological devolution and how stupid the world can end up being if things go the way the movie says its going.

But as in all American movies the world in this one also means America & Americans(all of whom look like immigrant labourers from Mexico,whether a pun was intended is still unknown at this point of time).May be Mike and Etan had second thoughts on portraying their idea on a planet earth scale due to obvious reasons which need not be made explicit(Did you not see the word 'Obvious'??).

Well those who want to know more about the movie can read on here.