Saturday, March 10, 2007


Which canthree are you fam?
U speak guth engleas far Endians…

And you mam?
I cam from the Nederlands..u kna Hollanth?
Of course I ve learned in geography?
U wenth to collage in Endia?


Whath didh you larn?
Ok u on business?
No Im a consultant..u know..

Ya..u like America..
Just moved in…

I don’t….too hot here…Nederland is cold…I like Cold..
So you wanth it shorth?

Size 4 or 2..?
I dint get you..?
Short or too short?

Sides and back …too short
Up and front …short..

Client demo follows.

Will that do?

Roar of machines..
Is that fine?

Nothing was left..,it was the most tragic sight..the magic tuft which strategically covered my forehead was gone..
Light took turns in bouncing to and fro from the head of the guy in the front me and.. well my own….

total tragedy..

It hot in Bombay?

You like America…?

Why… ?

Ith too cold..
I wanth to go back to Endia….i like. hoth..

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Its been over a month now here in the US..And for all its greatness,America seems to me as a superbly boring country..Empty roads,sleepy malls..and silence all the way might as well believe this is a huge empty parking lot rather than the united states of..

All the thank yous,welcomes and the courtesy bickerings seems to be taking its toll on me..No filled up transport buses blowing up the dust,not autorickshaws to have bumpy rides ending in paan stains on the crowded cricket,no spicy fish cow dung on the road,no elephants blocking traffic..

I guess I'm missing India, and missing it badly..