Thursday, May 08, 2008

Life goes on..

The "improvement in the diets of people in India and China", which is forcing the governments there to keep food "inside" is a cause for the current global supply shortage, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said.
This and what Dubya said (pretty much the same ) a couple of days later shows how hypocrisy & self indulgence have dwarfed the thoughts of the developed world.Blaming the development of the third world and the desire of its people for a better standard of living for the global food crisis as they call it, is nothing but disgusting & preposterous.

PS : US is the nation which consumes the most calories per person along with the most gas per person.


Saw Antonia's Line two days back - Amazing movie , a definite recommendation to all free spirited people


The past few months have been very exciting and I am sure like me a lot of you people might have become addicted to tracking & following the Democratic Primaries and Caucuses.
I really wonder how Hillary feels now, the transformation from being the Queen waiting coronation to her present state must have been quite an experience for her.Who would have ever thought that the primaries would become such a tough race for her and America would get a new and inspiring leader in Obama….

By the way…I don’t have anything to do with US politics..I am not even a US citizen…but yes..Oobaamaa Oobaamaa does sound good :)

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Mriganayanii said...

Yup i agree. but then, Mr. bush isn't exactly well known for his intellectual capabilities as he is for his foot-in-mouth disease.