Friday, March 07, 2008

Why I still hang around rediff..

Rediff has always been 'the site' , atleast for me..right from the baby days of internet in India
to the present day of WIFI and cell phone browsing. Not because of its content or lightening fast Email, but because it symbolizes India for me in many ways…right from the zillions of pop-ups which blast out ,irritate you and refuse to go away like the vendors in a baazar to the crappy user comments centered around topics like Sachin -Sourav , Rajni-amithab,Mohanlal -Mammotty,North India- south India, Hindi- Tamil and what not. You can also find the occasional champion for national integration putting up his concerns and geting booed by the others ,who, my best guess, could be jobless software engineers like me trying to kill their time by practicing creative sadism( ya..'v been there..done that )

It is the ideal virtual microcosm of India where cricket gets a lot of space along with Mallika Sheravat,Astrology,outsourcing,how to file your income tax ,tips to succeed in the stock market and yes, more cricket.Not even a bit of space is vacant.Links to thousands of resources cover the whole page along with advertisements coaxing you to get your horoscope report ,get employed,get married ,invest for your stuff..phew..It has everything ..doesn't it....

Click any article on anything, scroll down to the user comments and you can invariably see an often moderated "healthy discussion" which borders on the verge of exploding into a full grade war had it not been for the fact that everything is virtual in the virtual world. It could be a topic as distant as life on Mars, but somehow every topic translates into something Indian and often to virtual fights. Sometimes I wonder why ? Is this how it should be.Is it something human or is it something Indian.? Not that being Indian is not being human or vice versa..Well I guess having done the rhetoric ,I should leave it to the social scientists to do the research…

But maybe this is how it must be, and this is what makes rediff ,rediff ;a place where you can shout, sing,learn and ofcourse check your email at the speed of lightening and feel at India (that’s home) I can go on and on..after having created my first email Id with rediff which I still keep.. its been a long journey for the past 8 years.. And I am sure it will go on..