Thursday, May 15, 2008


Recently I have started having dreams with logical conclusions. Every one of them seem to have a
well defined plot,characters with personalities, climaxes and sometimes even anticlimaxes.
Overall my dreams seem to have very good production values , and sometimes bizarre too..I had this
scene in one of my dreams in which I was romancing with the female lead while relaxing on top of
a huge sleeping croc and suddenly the croc awakes..

Too much of movies may be…people say that when you get obsessed with something ,things like this
happen.If that’s case then I would forever be obsessed with cinema and film making.After all its free
entertainment with lot of ideas with scoop value - only if I ever make that one movie which has been always
playing there in the imax in my head

Have been reading "Rebel without a Crew" by Robert Rodriguez
Last saw : Paradise Now - Palestinian movie by Hany Abu- Assad and as the director said is an artistic
view of the Palestinian political issue.Winner of the 63rd Golden Globe award for Best Foreign Film

I need help - Can some one tell me why Hillary is still there in the race for nomination??