Wednesday, July 02, 2008


So finally the dust has set down on a lot of things, the primaries in US, santosh madhavan in Kerala,indiana jones in hollywood,the olymbic torch relay in China,Euro 2008 in Spain and the Phoenix in Mars.

And life seems to have achieved a new super low in terms of excitement , that I have started deriving my daily dose of moitvation by focussing my skills on keeping track of the count of cockroaches I kill ,the missed farts, the # of flush downs I do every morning to get a clean Kakkoose and even the mileage of my car.


Saw WALL E last Friday, as usual Pixar delivers what it promised and more.Its time for a dud from them,its high time they stopped making great movies human,be hollywood.


I am playing Call of Duty in my Wii now, its getting difficult….got to find out few excuses to call it trash and return to the store.