Thursday, July 10, 2008

bloh bloh...

I am a big admirer of Tamil music . I think the Tamil music industry and the Tamil film industry have have created some of the best music in this world - and by world ,I mean the world and not just US ,Canada & Puerto Rico.

Being a keralite (Yes Payilukale..Iyam a mallu ) helped as there was always easy access to tamil movies and songs and we malayalees are culturally very close to tamil makkall except for one Mr TR Balu (angeru vaangikkum !) and some people on the wrong side of the Mullaperiyar dam..

This plus the fact that I am a born again Kamal Hassan fan led me to tears when I listened to "Yaar Yaar sivam " from Anbe Sivam.

My wifey is fed up with me as usual because that seems to be the only thing that comes out of my Mouth…

W : Cooked food?
M : Yaar yaar Sivam…
W : Washed dishes ?
M : Anbe Sivam….
W: $%$^%^

Pathetic jokes aside, I really enjoyed listening to the song and it led my memories back to Thenpandi Cheemayille and a couple of others melodies rendered by Kamal. And then..Wow !! What a guy !

I am not seeing or listening to Kamal for the first time, but every now and then , I can't but stop and appreciate this man.I know that people have their own diverse share of opinions, but the stupendous effort that Kamal puts into his works alone is enough to inspire people.While our home grown " superstars" are still cashing in on past glory ,here is one guy who really reinvents himself with each movie he does.Thanks Kamal for not taking us for granted.
Results of the Musical chair competition conducted by Sonia Gandhi last week :-

RL Bhatiya, Governor of Kerala became Governor Of Bihar and
RS Gavai, Governor Of Bihar became Governor of Kerala

The orgainizers of this event reserve the right to change the results anytime - The decision from 10 Janpath will be final ,binding & beyond comprehension .

So Jesse Jackson Sr wants to cut off Obama's nuts and Jesse Jackson Jr says he vehemently opposes it. Whoa ..what a family !!