Sunday, March 21, 2010

random bloh.

The other day I was talking to my sister and we happened to discuss how our social conditioning influenced our personalities and how it even now keeps trying to set direction & limits to our thought process.Growing up in a conservative society we were not allowed to have certain thought patterns.Nobody set the rules.It was part of the super-culture that still dominates the society where we grew up.And it is true for most societies, even the relatively progressive ones.I have often wondered how & why people often do not recognize these constraints.This is more surprising, because as I see it, one of most basic human traits is to rebel, to overcome- that is how the human race came till here.Yet the majority of us choose to adhere.Are we evolving into something different?

Maybe it is because the big picture is bigger than what anyone of us can see or understand. Or may be we are just not interested in all these random thoughts, after all there are better things like food,shelter and the pleasure of daily struggle, all of which offer simpler and more possible means to happiness and fulfillment, all which while being transient, are also enough for the time being.

But again the question here is not about the big picture, it is about why we set limits, knowingly or unknowingly, when all we want deep inside our hearts is to go beyond them..

Any thoughts?

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EYE said...

very interesting point raised here. Social conditioning plays a very important role in a society like India. Since childhood we are told what to do what not to, and what is acceptable behaviour. and anyone behaving differently is considered wrong, silly or even sinful. This is true in the case of women. Emile Durkheim the very well known sociologist said that religion is one way in which social representations are formed. i.e. religion influences the way a person behaves or represents himself in society.

The one reason why western society is ahead of us is that there is place for random thoughts there. A random thought becomes an idea and then a movement or an enterprise that brings change in society.